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A little bit about us…

Who are we?

Over the years, thousands of guests at top hotels have enjoyed such a transformative night’s sleep that they’ve tracked down the makers of their hotel bed and bedding. In this way, they stumbled across the hidden treasure that is Ri (UK) Ltd and Kelletts of Oldcastle. Kelletts have been making handmade beds and bedding for over 70 years. A particular jewel in the crown is our exclusive and extremely popular Respa mattresses. All of our products provide luxurious comfort to guests at many international, independent and boutique hotels.

We’ve set up The Hotel Bed Company to make it easier for guests to find and purchase their beds and bedding and recreate their hotel experience at home.

Where are we?

All our mattresses, beds and sofa beds are finely crafted in our factories and workshops in Ireland and the UK. Our upholstery workshops in Glamorgan design and produce all the sofa beds for our hospitality customers, as well as some of the leading international and UK furniture brands.

We have also collaborated with leading designers, suppliers and manufacturers from the hotel industry in the UK and Ireland to bring to you everything you need to have that top hotel experience night after night.

What makes us different?

We're not your average mattress shop...

You can’t get these anywhere else.

All our mattresses, beds and bedding are unique to us and not available from any other retailer. Nor can you get the equivalent on the high street. The only place to purchase this kind of quality is right here.

They’re designed for high quality hotels.

All of our products are designed specifically for the hospitality market, where the highest quality materials are necessary. To reflect the variety of sleepers and the raised expectations of a paying guest, hotel beds need to be superior. Our mattresses use contract grade spring systems, with side supports for extra comfort, stability and durability. And all of our sofa beds have mechanisms and mattresses that are designed to withstand daily hotel use, and a lifetime guaranteed hardwood frame.

Buying direct means amazing value for money.

By cutting out the middle man and buying direct from the manufacturer, you pay substantially less. You can’t buy these (or anything close) on the high street, but if you tried to recreate this kind of quality, design and comfort at a retailer, it would be much more expensive.

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What our customers say

My bed was literally the most comfiest I’ve ever slept in. It was plush and inviting and felt like falling onto a cloud… bed bliss! A great night’s sleep.

Rockliffe Hall Customer

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