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Improving Your Sleep In Winter

by Gary Hartfield on November 23, 2022 in Bedding

Trying to sleep in winter can be a real nightmare! Tossing and turning, too cold or too warm, getting up in the dark and feeling groggy for the rest of the day… There are a host of scientific reasons why we would gladly go nocturnal in winter. The great thing about this reasoning is that […]

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Cool Night
Luxury Bedroom Gifts From The Hotel Bed Company

by Gary Hartfield on November 16, 2022 in Bedding

  Give The Gift Of A Perfect Night’s Sleep You might be thinking that bedding is a bit of a strange choice for a present. While it might not seem like the most exciting of bedroom gifts on paper, the recipient won’t be able to thank you enough when they’re able to indulge in a […]

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Sofas And Chairs
NEW To The Hotel Bed Company: Sofas And Chairs

by Gary Hartfield on November 9, 2022 in Chairs

At The Hotel Bed Company, we’re known for bringing luxury beds, bedding and sofa beds to the masses, and now we’re adding sofas and chairs to that list. Our hotel quality products can’t be found elsewhere, certainly not on the high street and not at such fantastic prices. As manufacturers, we cut out the middleman […]

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