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We have been supplying mattresses into hotels for more than a decade. Along the way we have worked with several leading British brands such as Timothy Oulton, Andrew Martin, Conran, Laura Ashley and Soho House. We have also supplied beds to many international hotel groups including IHG, Hilton, Corus, Accor and leading independent boutique hotels such as St Martins Lane, Sanderson, Ampersand, Vintry & Mercer in London, Rockliffe Hall in the North East and Ashford Castle in Ireland but to name a few. Now however, we’re turning our attention to you, the public. Through our years in the hotel industry, we have received endless enquiries from hotel guests who have enjoyed their sleep so much that they wished to buy the mattress they had slept on. The problem? These commercial beds could only be delivered on a HGV, which isn’t ideal for residential locations. That’s why we founded The Hotel Bed Company.

We set up The Hotel Bed Company to make it easier for guests to find and purchase the beds and bedding and that made their hotel experience so special.


Not only are we able to supply these luxury hotel mattresses to the public in a less commercial fashion, but we have now combined our years of industry knowledge and experience to develop our own range of mattresses. We understand shopping for mattresses can be overwhelming. That’s why we have used all our expertise to develop just four mattresses that will suit almost every sleeping preference. Our four mattresses encompass the key features that make hotel mattresses so comfortable and durable, while offering a more luxurious and personable experience.

What makes us different?

We're not your average mattress shop...


Since developing our new range of mattresses, we felt it was only right to give you somewhere that you could come and see them first hand. And so, the Barn At The Farm was established. The Barn revolutionises the mattress buying experience, allowing you to choose a time to come and select your personal preferences, in a space reserved solely for you. Awkwardly testing mattresses in a showroom surrounded by strangers just became a thing of the past. In the Barn, you have the time and space to test a variety of sleep solutions including mattresses, topper, duvet, pillows, as well as the beds themselves. 


All of our products and designs are made and manufactured in the UK, specifically for the luxury hospitality market. We only use the finest quality, most comfortable materials that even the most discerning of guests will enjoy. That’s why all our mattresses utilise contract-grade pocket spring systems as well as side supports for extra comfort, stability and durability. 

A choice of both natural and synthetic bedding ranges enable you to complete your full hotel experience. With options to suit the warmest and coolest of sleepers, there are plenty of options enabling you to achieve the perfect night’s sleep.



We want to make everyone fully aware of the importance of a good night’s sleep. Both physical and mental health have been in the spotlight for many years, but our sleep health is regularly overlooked. What we don’t always realise is the drastic impact our sleep health can have on our physical and mental health. The three go hand in hand and that is why we want to ensure that you are getting the best rest possible, night after night.

What our customers say

We were very happy with the delivery of the custom made mattress we ordered. The mattress is just as we’d hoped, supportive and comfortable. Many thanks for your help. 

Robin North

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