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No.1 - Our Classic Mattress

We made our best-selling and most popular hotel mattress even comfier. The perfect night’s sleep at a great price. Go on treat yourself.

Our unique blend of fillings and springs are hand stitched together to create the most cloud like boutique hotel style mattress. Unbeatable quality and value for money.

Mattresses of this quality are rare, if you like the feel of memory foam but don’t like to overheat then this mattress is for you. Only the very best hotels use this natural latex in their mattresses.

Inspired by mattresses found in the world’s most luxurious hotels, we hand stitch and hand tease cotton, silk, cashmere & lambswool to make our most luxurious mattress. If you are looking for a bed you never want to leave, look no further.

Respa Mattresses

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Absolutely delighted with the service I received from The Hotel Bed Company staff.  The delivery staff were so helpful, and the bed is an absolute dream.

Roz Pink

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