The Best 2023 Bed Trends

Bed Trends

Last month, we talked you through some of our favourite sofa trends for 2023, so we thought we’d look at the year’s best bed trends this month! From fashionable colour stories to statement styles, we’ve narrowed down our top picks for bedroom must-haves if you’re looking to upgrade your space in the coming months.

Our Favourite Bed Trends


Your bed defines your sleep space. It is the central feature in any bedroom and influences the rest of the design choices you make. In 2023, bed trends are leaning towards hotel-quality touches, which we are known for. Think opulent upholstery and statement headboards, details that have been made more popular by pop culture staples like ‘The White Lotus’. Years of uncertainty and forced isolation have conjured up an intense wanderlust, and this facet of bedroom styling helps to satisfy this need in the comfort of your own home. Our Kensington Bed comes to mind, as does our Savoy Headboard, but luxury is laced throughout our entire range.


The unsettling events of recent years have also left us longing for serenity. That’s why it comes as no surprise to us that some of the biggest bed trends involve soft curves, calming neutrals and natural tones. Your bedroom needs to be a personalised sanctuary where you can find solace away from the stress of the world. Research shows that colours have an impact on our mood and our mindset. Colour Psychology indicates that pale hues of pink, blue, white and grey all instil a sense of calmness and balance, while more earthy tones of green and brown add a natural sense of support, growth and relaxation. Soft edges are also in demand in bedroom spaces, softening hard angles and straight lines for a more comforting vibe. Curves can also increase the sense of luxury in a room, which is why we’d highly recommend our Goring Headboard or our decadent Belgravia Bed.

Canopy Beds

Continuing with the themes of tranquillity and luxury, have you ever thought to try a canopy bed? Definitely an indulgence, a canopy bed is like a peaceful cocoon that provides a safe and secluded space to unwind and destress. On a more practical note, canopy beds with added curtains even offer added warmth on chilly nights by locking in the heat, which is ideal when energy prices are ever-increasing. We recently added the exquisite Hampstead Bed to our range, which boasts a chic oriental design that is sure to serve as a focal point in any bedroom.

Colour Drenching

In a departure from the previous bed trends, one that has caught our eye is ‘colour drenching’. This trend is for those with a louder style who tend to steer away from more muted palettes. It’s a cohesive colouring technique akin to colour blocking whereby similar hues seamlessly envelop a room to make it seem bigger than it is, which is perfect if you have a smaller-than-average bedroom. Splash your chosen shades across the ceiling, walls, floor, furnishings and, of course, your bed. At The Hotel Bed Company, we offer a wide range of fabric and colour choices to suit any aesthetic. You can even order some free samples to help with your decision-making process. On the other hand, visit our new showroom before making a purchase, if you’d prefer.

Why Choose The Hotel Bed Company

Our passion for excellence at The Hotel Bed Company is reflected in the quality of our bedsteads and divans, which are all made to hospitality standards. It’s our dream to help you recreate that hotel feeling in your own home. 

You won’t find products like ours on the high street – each one is as beautiful as it is functional and designed with durability and longevity in mind. Our high-end beds are handmade to order in the UK, complete with a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind, which reflects the pride and confidence we have in what we do. Order yours today and we’ll deliver it directly to your door in as little as 4-6 weeks!

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