How Do You Know Which Mattress To Choose?

If you dread having to buy a new mattress, you’re not alone. With so many to choose from and so many buzzwords flying around – vents, springs, frames, pockets – it can become a bit of a headache. At The Hotel Bed Company, we hope to make this process simpler by building a system that helps you find the mattresses from your favourite hotels.

But what if you’ve never slept on one of our luxury models? We’ve put together some handy tips below to help you determine which mattress would suit you perfectly or, at the very least, narrow your options down!


Which Mattress Is Right For You?

To find the perfect mattress you have to first ask yourself what matters the most to you from your purchase. Too many people make the mistake of letting price dictate which mattress to go for, when in fact you may well be sacrificing quality and causing yourself more problems down the line. Luckily, we have mattresses here at The Hotel Bed Company to suit a wide range of budgets, with certain models and sizes starting as low as £375. Our more affordable models include the Classic Q Mattress, the Morgan Mattress, and the Superb Mattress.

Speaking of size, all of our mattresses are available in a range of sizes, from single through to super king. For those of you in need of something a little larger, two of our mattresses are available one size bigger – emperor! Sleep in super-sized luxury fit for a ruler with the Elegance and the Cheval Sublime models. They are made to order and unavailable for direct purchase through our website, but don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be able to handle your enquiry without any problem.

One other crucial factor to take into consideration when making your decision is the feel of your mattress. Comfort is key and everybody is different, with some preferring softer support while others need something more firm. Making the wrong choice here could lead to aches and pains that you really don’t want! If you prefer things on the medium-firm side, you can’t go wrong with our Sublime Mattress with 8 layers of the finest wool and cashmere fillings and 1300 individually-pocketed springs for added support. For something a little softer, take things to the next level with the Gold Sublime model, which boasts an additional 2000 individually-pocketed mini-springs for added comfort and durability.


The Hotel Bed Company

This is just a sample of our luxury range of mattresses, all of which can be complemented perfectly by our hotel-quality beds, divans, headboards and bedding. Being made to hotel standards means that our products aren’t only of superior quality, but they’re also safer and more durable than what you’d find on the high street. You can’t get quality like this anywhere else, which is why the only way you can truly replicate that hotel bed feeling at home is with The Hotel Bed Company!

Still unsure which mattress is best for you? If you have any questions remaining then you can get in touch here – our friendly team is always on hand to help you find your perfect fit!