What Is The Best Mattress For Back Pain And Aching Muscles

As we get older, we come to accept that aches and pains are part and parcel of everyday life, ever-present little inconveniences that can make formerly simple tasks seem like the most challenging ordeals. But take a minute to consider what could be making these aches and pains even worse – is it how you sit? Perhaps. Is it how you walk? Possibly. Is it how you sleep? Almost certainly. Read on to discover the best mattress for back pain.

For those with back pain, hip pain and joint problems, sleeping on an unsuitable mattress can seem like the worst sort of punishment. In fact, there are even times when these mattresses themselves are entirely responsible for the chronic health conditions that many of us have to endure. Yet just because we’ve made these beds, that doesn’t mean we have to lie in them.


The Best Mattress For Back Pain


Whether your back pain has its origins in a medical condition, such as sciatica, or is the result of an unsupportive mattress, the problem won’t be remedied if you continue to sleep in discomfort. At The Hotel Bed Company, we find that back pain is best tackled by always keeping two things in mind: your mattress’s comfort layer and your mattress’ support system.

The support system refers to the features of a mattress that make up its core. This can include springs and pockets and will look different depending on the position in which you choose to sleep. Many people with back pain often find that zoned mattresses are their best option, as these are designed to help with spinal alignment and give support to the shoulders and hips, providing a conducive, pain-free environment in which to sleep.

A mattress’s comfort layer sits on top of its support system and contributes to its overall feel. These layers offer firmness, pressure relief and come in a range of natural and synthetic fibres. The firmness of the mattress is dependent on both the number and thickness of the layers, with many back pain sufferers expressing their preferences for medium-firm to very firm mattresses.