3 Things You Need To Know About Bed Springs

Bed Spring

3 Things You Need To Know About Bed Springs

Choosing the right mattress when your old one needs replacing can feel like a minefield. Bed springs are a competitive area of marketing for many mattress manufacturers. We want to clear up a couple of the key areas so you can work out exactly what you need in your new mattress spring.

Traditionally, mattresses have relied on springs to provide support. People have spent decades trying to introduce new technologies to outperform the spring. As such, alternatives like memory foam, latex and other materials have been used to do the job of bed springs. But in our honest opinion, nothing will beat the lifespan and support that a pocket spring has to offer. Foams all compress quickly over time leaving the humble spring as the best support option if you want to invest in a quality mattress.

Marketing departments have gone mad focusing on spring counts etc. as the next big selling point. Here are our top three need to knows so you can avoid having the wool pulled over your eyes.

  1. Pocket Springs Are Premium

Allowing all their springs to move independent of each other, pocket springs allow the mattress to adjust to your shape and movements during the night. They react quicker to your movements than foams, offering more constant support throughout the night.

Unlike older, cheaper coil mattresses that move as one, pocket springs reduce the transfer of energy resulting in a better, undisrupted night’s sleep.

The reason pocket springs have been used for the past century in all quality mattresses is because they perform better for longer than anything else. Foams degrade and lose their support all too quickly and unlike pocket springs, they tend to retain far greater amounts of heat leading to uncomfortably warm nights.

  1. Spring Count Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

Mattress manufacturers have put a real emphasis on spring counts within their marketing. But what does spring count really mean? As it suggests, it is the number of springs within a mattress. But is a bigger number always better?

Truthfully, no.

Much like old seat cushions, mattress manufacturers realised that by incorporating micro springs, they could increase the spring count (as well as the price). Micro springs are used to add a softer, more cushioned feel to a mattress.

Anything over around 2000 springs will have layers of these micro springs added to boost the count. To fit these micro spring layers in, we have to sacrifice some of the upholstery fillings. Its these layers that ultimately provide you with the comfort you feel when you’re lying on the mattress.

  1. Spring Tensions Should Be Determined By Your Bodyweight

When it comes to mattress buying, everyone thinks they know what type of mattress they prefer. What they don’t realise is that the spring tensions aren’t based on comfort, but support. The springs are there to support your body, and therefore the weight they are supporting is what determines the tension required.

Soft, Medium, Firm, Orthopaedic all refer to the spring tensions, not the comfort of the mattress. The comfort comes from the fillings over the top of the springs. It can become more awkward if you and your partner are two different weights. However, the option of a zip and link mattress allows two tensions to be combined so you are both catered for accordingly.

Spring Tension

Weight Range


Up to 11st (70kg)


11-16st (70-102kg)


16-20st (102-127kg)

Extra Firm/Orthopaedic

20st+ (127kg+)



Now you have a greater understanding of the pitfalls when it comes to mattress springs, you’re better equipped to make a better mattress choice. Avoiding excessive spring counts could save you a few pounds and watching out for foam support systems should mean you end up with a higher quality mattress that will last you for years to come. If you do have any further questions or need any help working out exactly what the right mattress for you is, get in touch and one of our friendly team will be happy to help.

Alternatively, you can visit our Warwickshire Showroom for your chance to test our range of sleep solutions, from pillows and duvets to mattresses and beds. Your perfect night’s sleep is closer than you think.