Introducing Housekeeping Bedding Sets From The Hotel Bed Company

Are you looking to replace your old bedding? There has never been a better time to do so thanks to the arrival of Housekeeping Bedding Sets from The Hotel Bed Company! It’s now easier than ever to upgrade your sleep space. We’ve compiled our most popular bedding options among hotel customers to bring you our luxury line for less.

What Are Housekeeping Bedding Sets?

There’s nothing quite like that hotel experience and The Hotel Bed Company is all about replicating it at home so that you can wake up feeling rested and re-energised. For the first time, we’re launching exclusive bedding sets that cater to your needs and preferences while offering a 15% discount on the standard total of each bundle.

Each set has been put together with care and consideration to include a 10.5 tog duvet, the combined support of both a medium and a firm fill pillow, plus an added layer of protection and comfort with one of our 7cm mattress toppers. Learn more about all 4 bedding sets below to find the right one for you!


With the Eco bundle, wrap up in the warmth of 100% cotton and soft synthetic clusters. Replicating the feel of down while using innovative and sustainable manufacturing processes turn plastic bottles into polyester fibre filling for these ‘Good As Down’ products. Sleep soundly at night knowing that you’re minimising your impact on the planet.


Looking for a premium feel without the hefty price tag? Try the Natural bundle, which is the most affordable of our Housekeeping Bedding Sets. The unmistakable quality of 100% cotton Nomite® and Downafresh® certified cases gives this bedding a weighty feel, while the gentle softness of duck feathers and down clusters make it feel like you’re amongst the clouds.

5-Star Ultimate

If you dream of deluxe bedding, look no further than our 5-Star Ultimate bundle. Enjoy the finest goose down clusters, which are bigger and stronger than duck down clusters for guaranteed comfort. This bedding set is all about maximising luxury and creating the true hotel experience at home.


We’ve also built a Bedding Protection Set, which is an essential for any sleep space. Our quilted pillow and mattress protectors not only shield your luxury bedding from dirt and debris but also offer an added layer of padding to boost your comfort night after night.

Order Today!

Each of our bedding sets are odourless and non-allergenic, and when you combine them with the Bedding Protection Set, you can greatly minimise the build-up of dust and pollen within your sleep space, which is ideal for those with particularly bad allergies. You can’t find hotel-quality products like these on the High Street and our new discount bundles offer unrivalled savings.

Explore the full range and place your order here or get in touch to find out more. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with The Hotel Bed Company, or, better yet, sign up to our newsletter via our website. That’s the best way to be among the first to hear about exciting updates like this and there’s more to come soon, so watch this space!