How to make the perfect hotel bed

How to make the perfect hotel bed

The perfectly made hotel bed. Slipping between beautifully laundered sheets is one of the true pleasures of travel. From crisp linens to the perfect mattress, nothing creates the atmosphere of effortless luxury quite like the perfect mix of natural materials and impeccable finishing. Of course, creating the perfect luxury hotel bed is an art that has taken hoteliers years to perfect. But it’s one that’s surprisingly easy to master in your own home when you combine the right bedding with the right mattress.

The right bedding

Hotels understand how important a good night’s sleep is to their guests. That’s why choosing high-quality bedding for your own home is so important when you want to create that luxury hotel bed ambience. High thread count crisp white sheets are the hallmark of the perfect hotel bed. Not only do they demonstrate how comfortable and clean the bed is, they also create a cloud-like cocoon that helps you drift off to sleep. Add a feather duvet and mounds of thick and downy pillows for a perfectly plush finish.

The right mattress

If you want to know how to make the perfect hotel bed, it starts with the mattress. That’s what makes the difference between enjoying deep and refreshing sleep in king size luxury or spending the night on a hotel sofa bed. A luxury hotel bed mattress will feature pocketed springs and layers of natural materials including wool and cashmere. The perfectly built mattress ensures comfort and breathability that doesn’t sacrifice the support that’s essential to the perfect night’s sleep. Combined with a feather and down topper it’s the ultimate in luxury, letting you recreate the perfect authentic hotel bed experience.

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