Reclaim Your Space With Luxury Sofa Beds

Luxury and practicality are beautifully combined in sofa beds from The Hotel Bed Company! These space-saving choices make for both a cosy sofa and a comfortable bed, meaning that modern feats of engineering and design have created some truly timeless pieces. We’ve had eight brand new models join our extensive range, bringing you contemporary furniture, vintage classics and a wonderful sleep space for when you welcome guests into your home.

A Timeless Classic

Sofa beds have a constant and universal appeal, attracting brilliant inventors from throughout the ages. Egyptian day beds, sleeper desks, sleeper sofas – all of these can turn into some sort of bed. However, the award for officially inventing the modern sofa bed went to Bernard Castro in 1931, with sturdy and versatile models clothed in a variety of fabrics.

It’s not hard to see why his attractive space-savers made such a splash. Tiny apartments and modest houses could now invite overnight guests to stay in comfort, without dedicating a whole room to occasional visitors. We’ve come a long way from Castro’s bulky creations, but there’s no denying that the appeal remains.

All Pros, No Cons

Convenience and saved space battle to be the number one advantage of sofa beds. Sarah Goode’s cabinet bed, a forerunner of Castro’s invention, offered a brand new way to get around smaller spaces. The lighter and more versatile furniture of the 21st century offers even more flexibility and, with the novelty of a shapeshifting bed and some enticing soft furnishings, guests can now benefit from an undisturbed night away from home.

Bernard Castro was a marketing genius, telling the world about his designs through the new medium of television. His advertising placed particular emphasis on ease, claiming that even a child could operate this bed. We might feel doubtful about the ease of a 1930s contraption, but our models use Sedac mechanisms. Not only is this mechanism easy to manoeuvre, but so is the actual furniture, meaning you can adapt it to new layouts and try it out in new places with minimal effort. What’s more, our sofa beds come in a variety of colours and designs, which allows you to choose a model that suits your space perfectly.

The Very Best Of Sofa Beds

We’re making the most of these brilliant inventions, with eight new sofa beds added to our range, taking our collection up to twelve designs.

Our models vary from the Evie sofa bed, a classic vintage sofa with sloping arms, carved feet and button detailing, to the sleek, contemporary Florence. Your final choice could be a luxurious Ava model in cobalt, thunder or chrome, or you could decide on a Maisie – a timeless design highlighted in juniper or silk. Two-seater or three-seater, a chaise or a corner model… whatever your needs, you can opt for something that fits them to perfection. These differences add extra appeal to the basics of all our sofa beds, which include a hand-tufted sprung mattress to guarantee a restful night.

Sofa Beds

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