The Importance Of Quality Summer Bedding

There are no two ways about it – your body simply needs a good night’s sleep in order to stay healthy and function as it should. Sleep is integral to your wellbeing, just as a healthy diet and regular exercise is. We’re approaching the warmer months, and if you don’t have individual sets of high quality summer bedding, there are a number of reasons why you might want to think about changing this.

Summer Bedding Vs. Winter Bedding

Your ability to drift off at night and sleep uninterrupted until the morning is heavily affected by the quality of your bedding, and a lot of people find that this process is much harder in summer. 

The most obvious reason for this is that the warmer season can lead to greater discomfort and difficulties in regulating your body temperature at night. Most of us sleep better when we feel cool but by choosing either the wrong type of bedding or bedding made from low quality materials, your body is forced to work harder to maintain a cool temperature. Consequently, this affects your sleep cycle.

Another thing to take into consideration is hay fever. If you suffer from an allergy to pollen, you are among more than 10 million sufferers here in the UK alone. Hay fever is usually the worst when the pollen count is at its highest – this tends to be between March and September. There’s nothing worse than battling itchy eyes, a runny nose and other irritating symptoms at bedtime. High quality summer bedding can help to combat and relieve your symptoms so that you can sleep soundly at night.

Hotel Quality Bedding

At The Hotel Bed Company, we understand the importance of a good night’s sleep and how luxury hotel-quality bedding can help you wake up each morning feeling rested and refreshed instead of groggy and irritable. You should be able to wake up feeling like a renewed version of yourself every single day of the year, including in the sticky summer months.

Our Cool Night Eco Fresh duvets and pillows guarantee comfort thanks to Aerelle® Cool Night cooling fibres and Cool-Flow Crimp technology that ensure a constant reduction and dissipation of heat throughout the night. Not only that, but both products are hypo-allergenic and easily machine washable, which helps prevent pollen from embedding itself within your summer bedding.

If your hay fever is particularly bad, you might also consider trying our mattress and pillow protectors that are designed to not only shield from accidents and spillages, but also to prevent the build-up of pollen and other allergens.

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