Top tips when choosing the best hotel bed

Top tips when choosing the best hotel bed

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Think back to your best night’s sleep. Plump pillows, white bed linen, and an incredibly comfy mattress. The chances are that your perfect night’s sleep was in a luxury hotel bed. Ultimate comfort doesn’t have to be a treat reserved only for hotel stays. Use our easy guide on how to replicate a luscious hotel bed experience at home. They’re our top tips for enjoying blissful slumber, night after night.

Find the perfect bed base

Build the foundations of your dream bed with the right bed base. Look for superior materials and skilled workmanship. Our divan bed bases are handcrafted from solid wood and the finest upholstery. They’re built to industry standard and are made to last. You can even add all-important storage with a choice of two or four drawers. We provide a selection of sumptuous fabrics in a wide range of opulent colours. Your new bed will be expertly tailor-made to blend seamlessly into your home.

Sink into your dream mattress

There are so many options that it can seem daunting when choosing the best hotel mattress. Our collection of premium mattresses are favourites of many London and luxury boutique hotels. You can expect only the best materials. Selecting a mattress with multiple layers of quality fillings, such as wool, cashmere and pocketed springs, will ensure your optimum comfort.

Pile on the pillows

Accessorising your bed with the best pillows, duvet and toppers is the key to creating an indulgent and relaxing sleeping environment. Create your own pillow menu with our choice of bedding accessories. Our hotel-grade selection includes a variety of fillings; duck and goose feather down, Tencel and innovative recycled plastics. Mix and match your pillow sizes to recreate that exclusive 5-star feel.

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